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The Amazing Benefits of Wigs

The other advantage of human hair wigs is that they can be styled easily with a curling iron or straightener. Human hair won’t burn or get ruined by the heat involved in this kind of styling, while synthetic hair wigs can melt under the wrong circumstances. Human hair wigs should be washed gently with shampoo, conditioned with a conditioner and given a detangler before combing and styling the hair in order to give it the longest life and the best shine.

Wigs Shop in Charnwood

There are internet companies that cell full lace wigs direct from China. Such wigs have the color lifted so that they come in all colors besides black wigs and you can even get short blond wigs if you want to-in curly, relaxed curly, wavy or straight hair styles. All sizes of wigs are available.

Measurements must be taken in order for your lace wig direct from the internet to be the right size. The wig is made to your specifications and can be a blond wig or a black wig or anything in between. First you measure all around the head from the occipital area (the back of the head up to the top of the forehead and back down again.

An average estimate is 22 inches. Then you measure from the back of the hairline to the front of the hairline. The average estimate is 13.5 inches. Then you measure from a point in front of the middle of the ear to the same point on the opposite ear. You then measure from the hairline of the area above the ear to the same spot on the opposite side of your head. Then you measure the hairline from the temple on one side of your head to the opposite side of your head in the same spot. Finally, you measure the nape of the back of the neck at the level of the hairline. You tell them how long of hair you want and they make the lace wigs direct from your specifications.

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